GRIP is made from polyethylene high-density, PEHD
PEHD can be recycled according to the cradle-to-cradle-principle


Made from PEHD

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PEHD floors are acid-resistant and non-corrosive
PEHD is extremely resistant to aggressive fluids such as hydraulic fluid and acid. GRIP flooring may be used indoors as well as outdoors and in every temperature.
GRIP tåler alle former for rengøringsmidler
Tolerates all kinds of cleaning agents
GRIP floors made from PEHD can tolerate all well-known cleaning agents, and among those all commonly used acids, high pressure cleaning and hot water pressure washing. The tiles also withstand cleaning in dishwashers and autoclaves with steam temperatures of 130 °C.


All PEHD products are manufactured at our Mørke facility in Denmark. All raw materials and colours used in our production are approved for use in foods and completely non-toxic. See also our Technological Institute tests.

Apart from being non-toxic, PEHD is 100% regenerable and can be re-used for other items. This results in no production waste – any flawed products and offcuts following an installation can be regenerated and recycled.


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New PEHD granules
Because polyethylene consists of nothing but hydrocarbons and hydrogen, these will transform to carbon dioxide and water under incineration.
Recycled material
Collecting and milling used material means an annual cost reduction of 15% on raw materials.
Genbrug af PEHD
New and recycled raw material
The collected used material is milled and mixed with new granules.
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Cradle to Cradle ...
... is part of our company's vision and ambition and a natural part of our responsibility towards society and the community. It is also our reason for manufacturing all our products in Denmark according to the cradle-to-cradle principle.

Is GRIP compatible with all environments and resistant to all chemicals?
The type of PEHD we use is resistant to thousands of different chemical substances. However, very often chemicals are used in mixtures and thereby acquire new characteristics. For this reason, the most sensible solution to this question is to perform a test. We will send you a tile which you can cover with the specific liquid you use. After a reasonable period of time you can check the tile to determine whether it has suffered any damage. If not, you can safely assume that PEHD can tolerate your specific chemical solution.

We also offer customers a small test order package of 5 to 10 m² to begin with. In this way you can test the flooring in a real work situation before placing a bigger order.

As a point of interest, the company Prodan A/S in Randers, Denmark, now uses several hundred m² of our flooring, started with just a small test order of 10 m².

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in a test fitting..
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