Environmental responsibility
When we talk about environmental responsibility we really mean it. GRIP floors are made of environmentally friendly plastic materials that emit no toxic gasses when burned. All colours used are approved for use in foods and used floors are fully recyclable.
Cradle to Cradle
GRIP floors are totally non-toxic and PVC-free and it is our policy to manufacture all of our products in Denmark according to a ‘cradle-to-cradle’ principle. This environmental philosophy is central to our company’s vision for the future and we take very seriously, our responsibility towards society, the community and the world.

Environmental policies

We all want our planet to remain a sustainable and healthy place – not only for ourselves, but also for the generations to come.

This is and always has been one of our main principles, speaking both as private individuals and as a company, and for this reason we use no toxic substances in our production. The type of plastic material used in our GRIP floor tiles is called PELD (low-density polyethylene) or PEHD (high-density polyethylene). Both of these are polyethylenes that solely consist of hydrocarbon and hydrogens.

They do not contain plasticizers such as phthalates or other comparable substances. Our products are manufactured by means of a spray casting process (a melting process under pressure) and thus contain no solvents which may emit volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Because polyethylene consists of nothing but hydrocarbons and hydrogen, these will transform to carbon dioxide and water under incineration. Polyethylene does not contain chlorine and will not create or emit hydrochloric acid vapours.

All raw materials and colours used in our production are approved for use in foods and are completely non-toxic. See also our Technological Institute tests for more information.

Apart from being non-toxic, PELD and PEHD are 100% regenerable and can be re-used for other items.

We therefore have no production waste – any flawed products and offcuts from our installations will be regenerated and recycled.

Choosing GRIP slip-resistant floors also means promoting a cleaner and greener environment.