Test fitting
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Test fitting

Is GRIP compatible with all environments and resistant to all chemicals?
The type of HDPE we use is resistant to thousands of different chemical products. However, very often chemicals are used in mixtures and thereby acquire new characteristics. For this reason, the most sensible solution to any questions concerning the chemicals you use is to perform a test. We will send you a tile which you cover with the liquid you use. After e.g. two weeks, you can check the tile and find out whether it has been damaged. If not, the material can be deemed to tolerate your specific chemical solution couldn't be easier.

Additionally, we offer customers a small test order package of 5 to 10 m². In this way the flooring can be tested in a real work environment before placing bigger orders. Prodan A/S in Randers, Denmark, uses several hundred m² of our floor, yet started with just a small test order of 10 m².

prøveudlægning af skridhæmmende gulv

Before fitting a complete GRIP floor we recommend test fitting on a small surface to get acquainted with the reaction between flooring and environment and whether the product lives up to your expectations.