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Easy and simple maintenance
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Non-toxic and environment-friendly


Slip-resistant flooring

Slip-resistant floor
GRIP floors represent a unique flooring system consisting of tile modules with anti-slip spikes, ensuring a safe footing in slippy and greasy environments, whilst being extremely resistant to aggressive fluids. GRIP flooring may be used indoors as well as outdoors and in every temperature. Furthermore, it is shock-resistant, thus protecting legs and backs of machine operatives.
Tile modules
The GRIP system consists of 250 x 250 x 18 mm tile modules that can be combined for smaller or larger surfaces. In case of repairs it is possible to substitute individual tiles instead of the complete floor.


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DIN standard 51130
GRIP flooring has been tested in accordance with DIN standard 51130 with the label R12 – the second highest distinction for slip-resistance.

The flooring may be used in extreme environments using substances such as:
• Drilling mud
• Oil
• Fats
• Cutting fluids
• Hydraulic fluid
• Brake fluid
• Silicone
• Salt water
• Green algae
• Soil and mud

GRIP – for your safety!